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Business Law

I love the creativity and originality of Minnesota’s independent and small business community and culture. If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to establish and springboard your business I’ll guide you through the legal and administrative processes necessary to move forward.

From structuring and filing your business entity, to exploring the possible licensure requirements pertinent to your business, creating service and/or products contracts and trademarks, and understanding taxes and the regulatory state and/or federal agencies that you may be dealing with–I'm here to help you out. 

During the course of your journey as a business owner and manager, I’ll involve you in the process to ensure you fully understand the nuances and complexities legal, administrative, and organizational as it relates specifically to your business.

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Wills, Trusts, Estates

The organization of your money and property (together known as your estate) and how it will be distributed according to your intentions following your passing, is one of the most important administrative tasks you will have to accomplish in your lifetime. Equally important is ensuring all the other relevant paperwork is in order, such as your Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, and a Guardianship Letter for your children, if necessary.

I will review your estate with you to explain the options available pertinent to a Will and/or Trust and the transferance of property efficiently (such as a Transfer on Death Deed) for real property you may own.

I will explain the probate vs. non-probate process, tax implications, and I will draft and organize all the relevant documentation according to your intentions and specifications.

I will explain the processes and procedures, and I will always be available for follow-up correspondence free of charge to answer questions. I have a specific niche and affinity for organizing, drafting, and helping clients establish various types of Trusts: Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Special Needs/Supplementary Trusts, Farm Trusts, and more.

Get in touch and let’s discuss organizing your estate!

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Real Estate Transactions

My legal experience in real estate transactions can be described as well-rounded and nuanced. I’ve litigated Torrens Action/Title disputes, negotiated real property sales, filed liens and negotiated lien purchases, and represented both Tenants and Landlords and settled contentious disputes.

I have experience in structuring, organizing, and managing homeowner’s association corporations for condominiums, as well as performing searches and analyzing title abstracts. I have drafted a wide variety of instruments and documents pertinent to real property.

Whatever your legal issue regarding real property may be, get in touch and I’ll help ya!

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Licensed Professionals and Workers

Be you a brewer perplexed by the web of federal, state, and local regulations and licensures pertinent to brewing beer commercially, a general contractor needing to know and obtain specific licenses and permits necessary to build a structure in a city you’ve never built in before, a teacher unclear as to the terms and conditions of their Minnesota state retirement policy, or an employee who believes they may have been treated unfairly by their employer, get in touch.

We’ll discuss your situation and I’ll do my due diligence in figuring out exactly what you need.

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Miscellaneous Areas

If you’re an individual or a business and have any legal or administrative concerns, general or specific inquiries pertinent to any area whatsoever, and you feel you may need a lawyer to dissect and analyze your scenario and strategize a solution, please get in touch.

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