Vlad Messing - Minnesota Attorney

All people should have equal access to the law.

My fundamental belief as an American lawyer is that all people should have equal access to the law, and that working people and small business owners should be able to afford lawyers to service their legal needs. 

I charge the prudent and reasonable market value for the respective service. I will always go the extra mile to make sure you received your money's worth in legal services.

I am a working class attorney working for working class people.

First-time consultations are always free.

Please call me: 651-329-6852

Vlad was easy to work with, and he helped us understand all the intricacies of our situation. He was quick to respond, knowledgeable, and even made us laugh! I always thought lawyers were stuffy and corporate, but Vlad was personal and real, and we were so happy to work with him.

Josh Zapata-Palmer (Sole Properietor Business Owner and Full Time Freelancer)